Thursday, November 1, 2007

It looks like its brand-new!

Well, it almost is!. Here is the organ set up in our shop with new floor framing, chest legs, offset bass chests, and pedal regulator (foreground). The existing windchests (where the pipes stand) were retained but new oak bottom boards and rack boards were built to replace the chipboard and formica boards that were on the chests. New offset bass chests (in the back with the big bass pipes on them) were built to replace the myriad second hand bass chests that we took out. This allows for a much better layout of the chamber space. New PVC wind lines have been installed as well as a new pedal regulator (the medium size of the 3 boxes on the floor) have been installed. The existing main regulator (which had an unbelievable 15 big holes cut in it!) has been provided with new oak sides and has been releathered. The tremulant (vibrato machine), which is the smallest box on the floor, has been releathered as well.

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